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Growing As Readers Takes Teamwork

Growing As Readers Takes Teamwork

First graders spend a lot of time practicing reading strategies with reading buddies. This helps their thinking grow and daily readings improve. Mrs. Wallace’s class has worked together to become better readers. Recently they were asked how they have done this. Here are a few of their responses:

• “I spell words when I write about what I read.” Michael
• “I retell the story.” Mariana
• “I talk about what happened in the story.” Edgar
• “I understand what the problem is.” Anthony
• “I talk about why something happened.” Lluvia
• “I use 5 fingers to help me retell my story.” Genesis
• “I read tricky words.” Dillon
• “I find the characters actions.” Olivia
• “I understand my character.” Tedrose
• “I sound out words.” Harrison
• “I use the character’s gestures to understand the character.” Veronica
• “I understand what words mean.” Riley
• “I chunk up words.” Sahvanna
• “I understand how to retell a story.” Parker

These are great ideas for any reader.

Written by: Kim Wallace
Posted: Mar 30, 2015 by Blair Austin

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