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Fourth Grade Takes on the Old North State Capitol

 On Thursday, March 26, about 128 of our fourth graders went to visit the capital of NC, Raleigh. We took charter buses, leaving VERY early, and stayed all day. It was an eventful trip. We visited the NC Museum of Natural Science, the NC History Museum, the Legislative Building, and the Capitol Building. We also had Chick-Fil-A cater and deliver our lunch to us!
Our first stop was the Science Museum. When interviewing Chris Creech from Mrs. Chandler’s class, he said, “The Science Museum was the best. It has a bunch of dinosaur bones and other real animals displayed in their natural habitat. There is a bridge that you can go over to a high tech section and see guys in labs examining bones. There is a kids’ lab that lets you do real science experiments, and you can hold a live tarantula! It turns out it’s the same type of tarantula as the boy in Spider Boy has, a Chilean Rose tarantula.”
Our next stop was the Legislative Building. We counted the stairs leading to the second floor where we watched the NC House of Representatives, who were in-session (There were indeed 51 steps, like we learned!). The guide told us our 3 representatives, so we watched for their votes on the 5 Bills that we heard discussed and voted. Emily Croom commented that their voting is just like how we answer on Kahoot- they have 15 seconds to enter their answer/vote, then the results show up on the board. All 5 Bills passed, and we got to be a part of it!
After lunch we went to the Capitol Building. The guide asked us many historical questions about Raleigh and how our government decided to stay there. We were proud to know almost all of her questions. I learned that one of my ancestors, John Morehead, started the free, public education in NC (there is a bust of him in the rotunda). Oriana Johnson said she thought it was cool how they used to use a goose’s tailfeather to write, and sand to make sure he ink didn’t smudge.
Our final stop was the History museum. Chandler Johnston said he liked seeing all the military stuff, all the way back to Civil War time. Tony Lowder said his favorite part was the pirate stuff, like the information on Blackbeard. “He looked really scary!” There was also information about the Wright Brothers and Nascar Racing.
Everyone I spoke with said they wanted to come back because they wanted to spend more time in certain places. Some said they were going to ask their parents if they could come this summer, because they wanted to show things to their siblings or a friend. It has been 7 years since I came with my daughter’s 4th grade class. It all seemed fresh and exciting, since new elements have been added as our NC history continues to unfold. If you haven’t been there, or haven’t been in a while, it is SO worth the time to go!

Written by: Debbie Chandler, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 30, 2015 by Jessica Cosma

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