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The Parkwood Middle Science Fair Is Back, In a New Shade of Green!

1st place Science Fair winner, Caden Ball and his exploratory research on the possibility of using perpetual motion to make energy

On Thursday, March 12th students in all three grade levels at Parkwood Middle School participated in the third annual Parkwood Middle School Science Fair. This year’s fair was different in that an additional award was created to highlight the work done by students who explore the possibilities of making our world a greener place.
As always, the science fair at Parkwood is an option for students to explore deep scientific questions, and have fun designing a project and implementing their experimental design. All of the science fair projects are student designed and executed from the beginning stages of exploring a scientific question of personal interest, to designing the project, all the way to creating a presentation for judges and the public. This year, 14 teams of students presented their work in various fields of science, including the fields of earth science, biology, physics and even sociology.
This year’s finalists included 6th grader Tyler Hudson who earned an honorable mention for the excellent design and methodology behind his project titled “Do magnetic forces have weight”? The 7th grade team of Kaden Graham and Ronan Cassano whose work on measuring the effects of time on flavor of maple candies earned them a 3rd place finish. Second place was awarded to the 6th grade team of Damien Spencer, William Brown and Drew Huffman for their research on eliminating permanent ink stains. The first place prize went to Caden Ball and his exploratory research on the possibility of using perpetual motion to make energy.
New this year was the addition of a “Green” award to this year finalists. This award was also awarded to Caden Ball for working on highlighting the possibilities, and challenges associated with clean energy possibilities such as perpetual motion machines.
In addition to the inclusion of a “Green” award to this year’s science fair, the science fair also added a layer of global awareness to the events by helping to kick off Parkwood’s first annual Global Festival. By combining global cultures, “green” ideology and scientific discovery. The science fair is an annual event, and the staff and public look forward to what Parkwood students can investigate in next year’s science fair!

Written by: Jordan Marmara, 8th grade Science teacher
Posted: Mar 31, 2015 by Lisa Chapman

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