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Kindergarten participates in Global Festival

Students participate in school wide global parade.

Kindergarten students enjoyed the global festival so much. They learned about so many different countries! Some of their favorite parts were learning about what schools looked like and what kind of food the people who lived in that country ate.

The students in Mrs. Thomford’s class learned to play an English game called British Bulldog. It was a fun chasing-tag game that had everyone yelling and running!
All of the kindergarten students learned about the Japanese art of origami- or paper folding. They each tried it by creating a dog from a few folds of paper. It was another favorite part of their day.

The end of the day was a school-wide parade where the kindergarten students each carried an artifact of something they learned about that day. Many students had written the word ‘love’ in Chinese and they proudly carried that. Other students showed off their origami or waved a flag.

Written by: Sarah Thomford, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Mar 31, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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