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Music, Art, and Media, OH MY!

Many teachers and parents remember going to music and art classes, and to visit the library while in school, and they may wonder: what’s so different about these classes in our current day and age? Well, to start, our Union Elementary first graders have been busy piecing together a multi-media story project over the past 2 months, with help from these related arts teachers and the integration of technology.

Each student, along with a partner or two, was given a topic: animals from around the world. Each class has been studying a country with their classroom teacher, and they have learned so much! Their tasks for this project included researching the animals from that particular part of the world, deciding which animals would be the characters in their stories, thinking of a beginning, middle, and end to their story (including problem and solution scenarios), and then illustrating a piece of their story. These pieces were then put together while the students read, and then they recorded sound effects as well, and we will soon have a celebration to share our stories together!

The students learned about working together in groups, taking turns, using sound to help illustrate a story, and certain adaptations animals have to keep them safe in the wild. These students have worked hard on these projects, and the teachers involved have seen them grow as each section was put together. We hope these projects will become a fully integrated part of the classroom and related arts curriculums within the next few years.


Written by: Amber Mattatall, Music Teacher
Posted: Mar 31, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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