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Rep. Mark Brody Visits AP Government Class

Students of Mr. Pitoniak’s AP Government and Politics class were recently treated to a special guest, North Carolina House Representative Mark Brody.  Representative Brody represents the 68th district of North Carolina, which covers most of Union County and all of Anson County.  As the representative for many students in the AP class, he discussed the role a state legislature, shared his opinion on key issues in our state, and participated in a Q&A with the students.  

Representative Brody is in his second Congressional term having been elected in both 2012 and 2014.   He spent the block discussing with students the role of a state legislature, and how each member has their own duties. While discussing the State House, he answered many of the students' questions while offering his own opinion on some of the most controversial issues in our state. 

According to Connor Correll, “It was very intriguing and an honor to have Representative Brody come talk to us.  I was most interested in the process of how a bill gets passed through the NC House and it was very eye-opening to be able to read through the representative’s proposed bill on legalizing consumer fireworks in North Carolina.”  Throughout the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask Mr. Brody a wide variety of questions that led class discussions into very interesting and thought-provoking topics.  Correll further noted, “I thoroughly enjoyed Representative Brody’s time talking to my class and I sincerely hope that he will come back soon.” 

Phillip Price further added, “Representative Brody provided great insight into how our state governments work. I appreciate that he took time out of his busy schedule to come and speak with us.  Mr. Brody provided insight into a bill he created and asked what we thought of it.  The bill basically will allow North Carolinians to legally buy fireworks (with a permit).”

One of the most exciting points of his visit was allowing students to read, annotate, and revise a bill prior to his visit.  After reviewing the bill, Representative Brody mentioned that he would think about adding a few of the students’ ideas. If curious, the bill’s progress in the house can be tracked at the following link:


Written by: Griffin Hill & Mason Kirkpatrick, AP Government Students
Posted: Apr 13, 2015 by Donna Helms

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