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Fourth Graders Take Action Against Animal Cruelty

The following written statement was prepared by students in Mrs. Nichol's class:

We want YOU to help us help animals that have been rescued from abuse or neglect in our community.  Ms. Nichols’ 4th graders are collecting items for the Humane Society of Union County (HSUC) this week.  Donations can be dropped off at our classroom, C101.  Any pet supply items, new or gently used towels, paper towels, and printer paper are suggested items.  The HSUC will come on Friday to pick up our donations. 

Why should you help? 

All over the world animals are abused. If you were an animal being beat, or neglected, I don’t think you would feel very good, would you? WELL THEN, LET'S STOP PET ABUSE NOW! It’s not right!

There are many causes and effects of animal abuse. The first cause is that people who are abused may take it out on their pet. The effect is animals are abused every day and people need to take action. The second reason is that the animals are neglected.  The owner doesn't know how to take care of the animal. The effect is not having food, drink, or exercise.  These are some causes and effects of animal abuse. Will you help?

An example of animal abuse is when a human is cruel and malevolent to their pets. The most common animal abuse is to Pit Bulls.  Statistics prove that 64.3% of animal abuse involves dogs, 18% involves cats, and 25% involves other animals.  These other animals that can be abused are - goats, horses, and even birds. Animal abuse is a big problem in the world. Imagine being beaten, hated, and even killed for no good reason.

How can you help?

If you see abuse, then tell an adult.  Abuse can be reported by calling animal patrol or the police. If you want to help local animals that have been rescued from abuse or neglect, our class is taking donations.  The Humane Society of Union County (HSUC) needs more beds, food, toys, crates/cages, food bowls and water bowls. Donations can be dropped off at Ms. Nichols’ Classroom, C101, during the week of April 13-17.  A volunteer from the HSUC will collect the donations from our class on Friday afternoon. 

 By: Nathan Rink, Cole Garrett, Maxwell Haun, Grant Tucker, Christopher  Cooper and Sai Vetcha

Written by: Shannon Nichols
Posted: Apr 13, 2015 by Donna Ko

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