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Rocky River ASP has "Happy Hearts"!

Happy Hearts make it easy to "strike a pose"!

Rocky River Elementary After School Program recently celebrated Happy Heart Week. The children selected three action words—Kindness, Respect, and Honesty— that they thought would make someone’s heart happy. Each day that week, the individual groups selected an activity that demonstrated a “happy heart” by using those words.

On Monday, each child picked a name from their group and decorated a heart-shaped pattern that included something nice about that person. Then the group teachers read aloud the comments made about each person. This resulted in new friendships within the groups.

On Tuesday, each child in Group 3 explained what the word “kindness” meant to them in their own words and they performed skits demonstrating kindness to others. Group 4 made large, cut-out letters that spelled the word “respect” on Wednesday. Then they thought of words that started with those letters that demonstrated “respect”, such as “t” represents being truthful at all times thus showing respect. On Thursday, Group 5 did several skits showing the difference between what happens when a person is honest and what happens when they aren’t.

The children in the program ended the week on Friday by having Fun Friendship Photos made and talking about how putting kindness, respect, and honesty into action each and every day in After School would make everyone’s heart happy! This is a lesson that we can all learn so that everyone has a “Happy Heart”!


Written by: Karen Smith - Administrative Assistant
Posted: Apr 14, 2015 by Karen Smith

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