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A Taste of Liberia

Pictured left to right are English teacher Megan Woazeah, Parkwood sophomore Brittany Ferguson-Springs, Nancy Woazeah and her son Justin Woazeah.

Parkwood hosted Justin M. Woazeah, Jr. and his mother, Nancy Woazeah, on  Wednesday April 1st, 2015. They came to speak about life in Liberia, a West African country, and their transition to the United States. They gave presentations to Megan Woazeah’s sophomore English classes and Andrew Starnes’ Globalization class. Students asked questions about Liberia’s economy, culture, education, the civil war, and the westernization of the country.  Nancy Woazeah wore a traditional semi-formal suit and brought a few clothing items for students to try on, which students Xena Appodacca and Brittany Ferguson- Springs especially enjoyed. Justin Woazeah wore a traditional royal shirt and Megan, his wife and English teacher, wore an informal pull-over dress. Megan Wozeah is a new addition to the Parkwood staff this semester and the school is fortunate that she invited her family here to share a glimpse of life in West Africa.

Written by: Lisa Moniz - Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Apr 15, 2015 by Lisa Moniz

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