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Mrs. Plyler's Class Swaps Chairs for Stability Balls

Second graders enjoy doing their work while sitting on stability balls instead of chairs.

If you were to walk into Mrs. Plyler's classroom, you would not find any chairs. Instead, you  would find stability balls at each desk. Mrs. Plyler's class is piloting the use of stability balls in the classroom. 

Recent research has determined that the use of stability balls in place of chairs aid children in focusing, learning, developing core strength, and meeting the need of movement for children.

Students often have difficulty staying focused sitting in a chair all day. When students use the stability balls they are able to direct their natural energy and need for movement in a positive way. This allows students to focus on their work more completely and reach their full potential as learners.

Written by: Meagan Plyler, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Apr 16, 2015 by Dana Sullivan

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