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Just Keep Swimming

Parkwood junior and state swimming champion Lexi Souther poses for a photo with UCPS School Board chairperson, John Collins.

Parkwood student Lexi Souther has a very bright future ahead of her. At the UCPS school board meeting on April 14th, she was recognized for being the NCHSAA 1A-2A State Champion in the Women’s 100 yard backstroke event. When asked how she felt about the award, Souther remarked, “I was so happy to receive this award and represent Parkwood. Hopefully I’ll be there again next year.” If this hard-working junior keeps training, it is likely that she will be swimming in the state championships again as a senior. Her training is rigorous, to say the least. She trains in Charlotte, swimming eight times per week, every afternoon except Sundays, as well as Monday and Friday mornings. For the morning swims, she has to wake up at 4:00 a.m..  Her afternoon practices last several hours.

This sixteen-year-old athlete has even bigger aspirations than another state championship. She said, “I would love to swim on the US Olympic Team. My best shot might be in 2020, after college.  Or even make the Olympic trials for 2016.” Souther, an honor student who is taking a full load of AP classes this semester, is looking at several reputable colleges that also have strong swimming programs.  Her long-term career goal is to be a veterinarian. Souther, who doesn’t have the ego one might expect from an award-winning athlete, admits that between her swimming and schoolwork, there is little time for other interests right now but she knows her perseverance will pay off in the future. With her drive, dedication and self-discipline, she will certainly achieve anything she sets her mind to.   

Written by: Lisa Moniz, Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Apr 17, 2015 by Lisa Moniz

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