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Empower Your Grade-Schooler's Snacking

Here's the key to healthful food choices: very visible, convenient, effortless and great taste.

Follow these five how-tos for smart snacking. Ask your kids what food group foods they'd like to have on hand. Buy them! "Walk" your kids through the kitchen so they know where these foods are kept.

1. Keep fresh fruit on the counter where kids see it.

2. Wash and cut up veggies ahead, so they're ready to eat.

3. Use see-through containers, clear plastic bags or containers covered with plastic wrap so kids can see what's inside.

4. Put nutrient-rich food where kids can reach it, perhaps on lower shelves in your    refrigerator, pantry or cabinet. Keep "sometimes" foods, such as cookies and chips, away in cabinets where they're less convenient to reach, especially for impulse eaters.

5. Buy food in single-serve containers for grab-and-go eating — for example, milk, raisins, juice, fruit cups, pudding and baby carrots.

From American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 3rd Ed.

Written by: Susan Argenti - Clinical Dietitian/Marketing Specialist
Posted: Apr 17, 2015 by Davida Cambria

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