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My trip to Biztown!

  On March 31, 2015 I went to Biztown. I learned how to write checks, make deposits and withdrawals, how to manage my money, and most of all I learned to work hard at my job.

            At Biztown you really feel like your mom or dad. You get your own binder with steps of what to do, your own checklist, desk, computer, debit card, checkbook, and other supplies.I was a designer for Signs and More and it was AWESOME!!! I had to make the signs on the computer and go all over the town giving them back to the companies. The best part of all was the money I earned and I got to go to other shops and spend it.

     I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I don't have the best memory and I am not very good with computers. I also learned that I am hard working and if people are not doing their job, or if they are not doing it the way It was supposed to be done,I will help them out.  That lets me know I would be better off working with a team,or being a boss. I also learned that I don't like to sit still. I like moving around from shop to shop instead of at my desk the whole time. Now I know that I would not like having a job where you sit at a desk the whole time, or being in a cubicle.   

    I think the preparation was helpful. I was very prepared.  I liked the work books and how the things I learned won't just help me pass my test, that it will actually help me out for my whole life in the real world as an adult.  

    In conclusion, Biztown was awesome!!! It is not just fun but teaches you a lot about economics in a fun way. . It gets you ready for the real world!  

Written by: Kyndall Upchurch, grade 5 student
Posted: Apr 17, 2015 by Rachel Clarke

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