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Second Graders International Club

About 20 energetic and enthusiastic second graders recently stayed several weeks after school learning about Australia and UK during International club.   Mrs. Harlow and Mrs. Todd guided the students on a global journey through Australia and the United Kingdom.  They participated in art projects, sports, a virtual field trip and the castle challenge.

The first week they learned about the Indigenous people of Australia.  These people were focused on nature and using everything without wasting it.  They completed a picture using an art form called dot art.  The next week they learned all about sports and especially the game of rugby from the United Kingdom.  The students learned how to throw a rugby ball and how it differed from throwing a football.  The third week everyone took a virtual field trip to the outback of Australia.  A retired teacher Ross Mannell  from  Australia helped with this lesson by posting on his extended comments for student blog.  He answered several questions that students had.  The  students saw several Australian animals and were amazed how remote the outback is.  They saw many different sites during the virtual field trip. The fourth week students learned all about castles.  This will be extended to the whole school after spring break so that everyone learns from the International Club students and our VIF teacher, Mrs. Harlow and Mrs. Todd  about Castles around the World.  Our next week was spent learning about foods in the United Kingdom using a website by Mandy Barrow called Project Britain.  Our final and last meeting the students sampled foods from Australia and the UK while they had warm tea.  They also presented their castles and described how they completed their projects.  Fun was had by all the students and they hated to see the time end. 

Written by: Brenda Todd - Global Studies/21st Century Skills/Technology Teacher
Posted: Apr 19, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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