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iFest 2015

Student Presentations

Our fifth graders experienced an International Festival, thanks to their own classmates! For reading and writing, students learned and used strategies to research a country of their choice. For three weeks, students worked together to sort through all of the information they found and chose the most important and interesting facts to use to “sell” their country- just like travel agents! Students created brochures, posters, commercials, and skits to get their classmates interested in visiting their chosen country.

When it was time for the iFest to begin, students quickly set up their classrooms to have booth-like spots for their classmates to visit. Students had their posters, videos, and/or Google presentations ready to attract potential “buyers”. Students also had brochures available for interested students to take home! “I liked how we got to choose where to go”, said one fifth grader, David Hines. During iFest, students were allowed to go to any booth of their choosing so that they could learn about their countries of interest. When asked about the presentations, Hillarie Innocent said, “I liked how most of my classmates in other classes really listened to what we had to say [about our country].” When asked about the overall iFest experience, Sophie Bessinger said, “I learned how to say words in French. I thought the whole thing was really cool because we got to see all different countries and not just one. We also got to choose how we wanted to show off our country; there weren’t the same requirements that everyone had to do, so we got to see skits, posters, brochures, and hear songs, which I really liked.”

Overall, we were very impressed with the way that the projects turned out! Students not only learned and sharpened their reading and writing strategies, but also learned about countries around the world, all while expressing their creativity!

Written by: Claire McGarity - Fifth Grade Teacher
Posted: Apr 20, 2015 by Carol Blackwelder

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