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Engineering Students Participate in the Inaugural Union County Robotics Challenge

Three teams of Weddington Engineering Club Members competed in a Union County wide competition on Saturday, April 18th at South Piedmont Community College (SPCC). Each team, a group of 4-5 students from all grades, prepared a robot for competition.

17 total teams participated in Saturday’s competition. Teams consisted of Union County high school students and college students from SPCC

The challenge, called VEX Skyrise, required robots to build towers and stack cubes in order to gain points. Each robot was required to meet certain constraints. Weddington’s teams have been working for months to build a robot that would quickly and efficiently perform necessary tasks.

Nate Benn, a senior team member of “Patorade”, said, “It was a lot of fun. The challenge required a lot more teamwork than I expected.” For the challenge, each team was partnered with a team from another school to compete against two rival teams; winning strategies required the teams to have their robots work cooperatively.

Team Patorade placed 3rd overall in the tournament and won 1st place in autonomous skills competition. Patorade was the highest placed team in the tournament that consisted solely of high school students. The Weddington team, “It’s Classified”, ranked 4th in the qualifying competition.  Weddington’s “Hungry, Hungry Robots” team ranked consistently high in the qualifying rounds, due the ability of their robot to spin 360 degrees using a wheel on each side of the base.

Team members were as follows:

Patorade: Nate Benn, Lauren Micklow, Lydia Reader, and Sharat Vyas

It’s Classified: Tess Bowen, Kate Dickson, Jonathan Rupert, and Arthur Valdman

Hungry Hungry Robots: Luke Baker, Taylor LaCroix, Tyler McGinnis, and Lewis Stones

Club Sponsors: Mrs. Pate and Mr. Spratt

Written by: Nancy Pate, Engineering Teacher
Posted: Apr 21, 2015 by Judy Davis

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