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Kindergarten's Global Centers

Kindergarten has learned a lot about South American this year.  They have chosen to focus on different countries within that continent.   Each week students learn new information about a different country, this includes traditional dress, foods, animals or history from the country.  This information is then used in our Global Center the following week.  In the Global Center students are required to color a picture and write a sentence that corresponds to what the picture is about.  It varies from pictures of maps of the counties to pictures of animals that can be found living in the area.  The students have really enjoyed learning new information about the countries and comparing them to the way we live in the U.S.  Each week they look forward to having a new activity to complete and apply their newly acquired information. 

Written by: Laura Ann Strickland, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Apr 22, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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