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AP Gov Students Learn From Dan Gonzalez

Dan Gonzalez (left), Vice President of Industry Relations of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, visits his son Zach's (right) AP Government class to discuss the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Butch Phaneuf’s AP Government class recently had the opportunity to learn from Dan Gonzalez, Vice President of Industry Relations of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He gave a presentation to the students called “The Federal Reserve at 100 – a Look at its History and Future.”

“We are learning about monetary and fiscal policy so his presentation helped to explain these better,” said senior Zachary Tierney.

Although his topic was directly relevant to what the class was studying, part of the reason for the visit was that his son Zach, a CHS junior, happens to be in the class!

“His presentation really brought monetary policy into perspective. We always talk about how fiscal policy and monetary policy are different, and fiscal policy is much easier for me to understand. This allowed me to understand how the government actually runs monetary policy so much more cleanly,” said senior Adrienne Messina.

Gonzalez covered many topics including why the Federal Reserve was formed and how it is organized, the Federal Reserve Act, the Open Market Committee, the Dual Mandate, the impact of 9-11 on the US financial system, and the Discount Window Process. He discussed the difference between inflation and deflation and explained to the students why a moderate rate of inflation is healthy.

“Mr. Gonzalez was excellent at making complex matters understandable in layman's terms. After his presentation he led a great Q&A session. Students were fascinated, particularly about implications of global finance.  Even though that's not his specialty, Mr. Gonzalez facilitated the issue extremely well, keeping the students engaged. We could have launched an AP Macro Economics course right there!” said Phaneuf.

Mr. Phaneuf and his students would like to thank Mr. Gonzalez for his interesting and informative visit!

Written by: Paula White - Media Specialist
Posted: Apr 24, 2015 by Paula White

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