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Porter Ridge Takes Top Spot at UCPS Inagural Robotics Challenge

Robotics Club: Neel Patel, Kait Batchelor (sponsor), Luis Medero, Adrian Menendez, Andrew Lanier, Ethan Marano, and Tawnee Bounds (sponsor).

The Inaugural Robotics Challenge of Union County took place Saturday, April 18th at the SPCC Health & Technology Building in Monroe. There were 18 teams participating from Union County High Schools and SPCC, some representing local businesses.

Among the 18 teams competing, two were from the new Porter Ridge Robotics Club. The first round included five challenges in which each team was randomly paired with other teams. Points scored went to each team and then placement was determined. The top eight teams each selected a team from teams in places 9-18 with whom to form an alliance. These alliances then competed for the best two out of three rounds with single elimination.

Robots were also judged for best overall (sturdiness, cables/cords concealed, and general appearance), skills (most individual points), and autonomous (robot movement and points scored without the use of a controller).

Luis Medero and Adrian Menendez formed Team Pi-Bots. Andrew Lanier, Ethan Marano and Neel Patel formed Team PiraTech.  Kait Batchelor and Tawnee Bounds are the PRHS Robotics Club sponsors.

The Pi-Bots won 1st place and PiraTech won 4th place. PiraTech member Ethan Marano commented," It was a great opportunity to mess with the robots and program them." Pi-Bots team member Andrew Lanier added," It doesn't matter how simple the robot, it is the driver that matters."

PiraTech was also recognized for participating in the autonomous challenge and received additional placement points for tying for 1st place for best overall robot.  PiraTech member Neel Patel said,"The Robotics Club is a great opportunity for people looking for a career in computer engineering." 

Club members reached out and collaborated with their partner teams to strategize each match in order to gain the most points. Between matches, they practiced their driving skills or revised their Bot. Through this experience they utilized problem solving on the fly, strategic thinking, team work, and collaboration and above all had fun! Come out and join the PR Robotics Club for the next Robot Challenge!

Written by: Tawnee Bounds, Robotics Club Co-Sponsor
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 by Judy Davis

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