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Running to Save the Earth!

“TRASH!”  Never has this word been so enthusiastically shouted before as the Girls on the Run as a unit surged forward to claim their prize on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

As part of the Girls on the Run curriculum the students are asked to reflect on the meaning of the word community.

We discussed how Marshville is a community and reflected on ways that the community is important to us.   

To help our Marshville community the girls decided that they wanted to focus on helping the environment.  

They decided to help the environment by beautifying the school grounds by picking up trash and recyclables.  

The girls planned and carried out the project by organizing what materials they would need (gloves, trash bags) and how to implement the project.


After a job well done the girls reflected on their project.  

Phoebe, a 3rd grader said, “I feel like picking up trash in the rain just shows how dedicated we are to the community even more!”  

Caelie added, “Picking up trash helps the environment and the animals.”

Girls on the Run is a national organization that focuses on positivity, self-esteem, healthy habits, exercise, and community service.

We concluded our spring season with a 5K race on April 25th.  

It is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders with scholarships available.  

If you are interested in having your daughter sign up for the Fall 2015 season contact Ms. Murphy or Mrs. Barrier.  

For more information about the organization please visit http://girlsontherununion.org/

Written by: Kelsey Murphy-Music Teacher/Girls On The Run Leader
Posted: Apr 27, 2015 by Jarrod Stegall

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