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Parkwood Middle School’s Living Museum Brings Fictional Characters to Life

Captain Jack Sparrow, Rocky, the Queen of Hearts and Catwoman are only three of the ten fictional characters students were able to hear from during Parkwood Middle School’s living museum.  

 Performing in the media center for the duration of the school day, Nicole DePietro’s 8th grade Advanced Drama Class students recited character monologues to museum visitors.  “A living museum is like walking into a book and watching the characters come alive,” said eighth grade student Taylor Hettinger who portrayed Cruella De Vil.  Students approached the various characters, said play, and the performers came alive and delivered their monologues. Teachers from all grade levels could reserve a ten minute time slot to bring their students to the media center via a shared Google Document with staff.   

 For over a month the students have been learning about their character by applying elements of research and characterization skills aligned with the middle school English Language Arts curriculum standards.  Eighth grade student Andrew Parker said, “It can be a little tiring but it is lots of fun!”  The students memorized their monologues and gathered materials for their costumes.  

 This is the second time this school year that the living museum has taken place.  In the fall, historical figures and fictional characters were highlighted. “I am really impressed with the students and their ability to perform in such close proximity to their audience because that can be very intimidating,” said Nicole DePietro, Drama Club Teacher and PWMS Theatre Sponsor.  All student participants in the living museum will be on stage again in May for Parkwood Middle School’s production of SHREK, May 8-10th at the Parkwood High School Auditorium.


Written by: Becky Swiger, PWMS ITF
Posted: Apr 28, 2015 by Lisa Chapman

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