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NAHS Sponsors Australian Paint Night

Piedmont is celebrating International Week 2015 and part of the events was an aboriginal paint night sponsored by the National Art Honor Society on April 27.  This night included a presentation on Australian culture followed by a guided paint lesson of an aboriginal turtle taught by NAHS member Savannah Collins.

Art teacher Tracy Price and her mother, Barbara Kennington, shared with those in attendance about their travels to Australia.  Price stated that Australia was one of her favorite countries to visit.  “I loved the accents of the locals, the wildlife, and of course, the wonderful examples of art.”  While in Australia, Price and her mother had the opportunity to visit many cultural art centers and a highlight was getting to hold a koala! 

The paint portion of the event involved several faculty members and their children.  The goal of the event was not only to produce an aboriginal turtle painting but to raise money for the Marine Conservation Institute.  This is an organization dedicated to saving the marine ecosystems all over the world.  In 2015, one of their primary initiatives is the Global Ocean Refuge System, in which the goal is to institute protection of at least 20% of the marine ecosystems around the world.  Currently, only about 2% of the ocean has any protection, which is a concern since oceans are essential to human survival and prosperity.  Due to various human activities, many critical marine species are being pushed toward extinction.  For more information on the initiatives of the Marine Conservation Institute, visit their website at globaloceanrefuge.org/.

Written by: Donna Helms - Web Editor
Posted: Apr 29, 2015 by Donna Helms

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