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PTSO Sponsors Spring Academic Recognition Breakfast

PTSO hospitality committee co-chair, Alyson Flood, addresses the students at the spring Academic Recognition Breakfast.

The CATA Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) sponsored their second semester Academic Recognition Breakfast in the gym before school.  This program is in its second year and it give teachers a chance to recognize students twice a year who are putting forth effort in their classes.  This program is designed to also recognize students who might otherwise go without being rewarded. 

Teachers can select one student from each of their courses (not classes) so some teachers who have multiple courses can name more than one student while the teacher who teaches all the same subject could only name one. 

The PTSO started this program last year and this year they added the acronym "STAR" to the breakfast and that stands for Striving Towards Academic Recognition.  Some of the possible criteria for this recognition includes: 
* Student who has shown most improvement in a grading period.
* Student who is most attentive and helpful in class.
* Student who follows the class rules most/all of the time.
* Student who participates in class regularly.
* Student who seeks help when needed.
* Student who works very hard to do the best that they can.
* Student that you feel deserves this recognition for reasons not listed above.

The students selected by their teachers are then emailed a letter and invited to a breakfast. Students had their choice of cereal and granola bars, Pop-Tarts, fresh fruit, Chick-Fil-A minis, Capri Sun juice and water.  PTSO members gave each student a gold star sticker with a blue ribbon and congratulated them on being recognized. 

Hospitality co-chairs Alyson Flood and Lisa Holliday planned the event and Mrs. Flood said a few words to the group before they were dismissed to their first block classes.  The students were very appreciative and enjoyed the recognition.  Many students could be seen at the end of the day still wearing their gold star stickers with the blue ribbons. 

The PTSO is grateful to all the PTSO members and CATA families who provided donations of Chick-Fil-A gift cards and food.  This event would not be possible without the help of the teachers who took time to provide names, the hospitality team for planning, the administration for their help and support and all of you for your donations. 

Students in bleachers

Students listening to Alyson Flood congratulate them.

Students on bleachers

Students listening to Alyson Flood congratulate them.

Parents at empty table.

PTSO board members Lisa Holliday (left) and Nancy Bishop (right) are making bags for students who were unable to attend. 

Written by: Deb Christensen, School Media Coordinator, PTSO Staff Liaison
Posted: Apr 29, 2015 by Deb Christensen

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