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Kindergarten “Bunny Workshop”

Pictured is Alexa Roy, with a wind chime she purchased from Colombia and some of her Bunny Money during our Bunny Sale Friday, April 24th.

Our Kindergartners have been learning about the economy in our “Bunny Workshop.” We learned about producers and consumers, wants and needs, spending and saving, and more. The students then became producers to make products from a variety of countries. They had a job and earned money, which they got to spend at our “Bunny Sale.”

Mr. Hart's class learned all about Australia to prepare for this year’s Bunny Workshop.  The students learned about the various cultures, people, animals, and artwork from areas throughout Australia.  Our class studied Kangaroos and then made a toy Kangaroo to sell at the market.  We also studied rock and tree bark paintings from aboriginal people native to Australia.  The class then made some rock paintings using sandpaper as a medium.  Our final sale item was a boomerang which the students learned was a hunting implement used by the aborigines of Australia.  After the workshop we sold all three items in the “Bunny Sale” and when finished, we analyzed which items sold best and why.

In the Splash class, we have been learning about Colombia. Now we know where Colombia is on the World Map.  We have learned about its culture, likes, food, typical celebrations, music and people.  Now we know that in Colombia, people have a carnival in a city called Barranquilla and dress up using masks of different animals and characters. We also learn that people like to decorate their houses with wind chimes that make sound whenever a door opens. Colombian people are very friendly. They like to give friendship bracelets to friends and family members, too. We made masks, wind chimes and bracelets the color of the Colombian flag.

Mrs. Williams’ class has been learning about our own country, The United States of America. We made products from three different states/regions of America: North Carolina, Hawaii and The South. For North Carolina we made an airplane for the Wright brother’s first flight, Hawaiian leis and banjos for bluegrass music from the South. We also made American flags and discussed some important symbols of America.

Mr. Snyder’s class has been studying United Kingdom.  They have been doing a comparison between the US and United Kingdom. Then they made butterfly magnets, paper hats with the United Kingdom flag, and a piggy bank.

Mrs. Livesey’s class has explored India. We located it on the map, studied the flag, the national symbols for India and other parts of their culture. We then created necklaces the colors of the Indian flag: orange, white and green. We also made lotus flowers, which is the national flower of India. Our last product was a kite, because Kite Festivals are common in India.

Friday, April 24th, was our “Bunny Sale,” where each student had $30 to spend on the various products. The excitement was high as the students spent their money. All of our global products and what we learned during our economics unit will be displayed during Shiloh’s International Festival Thursday, May 7th. Visit the Kindergarten hallway to see this learning about our global economy or ask a kindergartner about what they've learned. They’ll be happy to share this new knowledge with you!

Written by: Patricia Livesey
Posted: Apr 30, 2015 by Mark Greene

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