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International Festival 2015

The Kindergarten Spanish Immersion class performed traditional Columbian dances under the direction of teachers Ms. Herrera and Ms. Sehaunes.

On March 30, 2015, Antioch Elementary transformed itself a Global Festival celebrating the culture, customs and traditions of nations across the globe.  Students were immersed in interactive displays such as a kid-sized timeline of American history from 1900 to the present-day.  Every hallway was devoted to a different theme such as transportation, sports and games, food, clothing, art, literature, or technology in countries around the world.    A mainstage presentation for all grade levels included performances of traditional Colombian, English, and Indian dances by Antioch students, a musician from Puerto Rico, a Global Fashion Show starring Antioch fifth-grade girls, and the grand finale of a Taekwondo demonstration from Black Belt World.  The day was planned and organized by Coach Cassie Sloop, P.E. teacher and Mrs.Janine Lafiteau, Art teacher.  

A number of teachers and students shared some highlights of their International Festival experience. Read on for the inside scoop!

Kindergarten’s Rainforest Adventure:  Kindergarten students worked hard to create an amazing biome called the Amazon Rainforest. While creating animals of this tropical habitat students learned fun and interesting facts about the animals.  We had a great time getting creative with our animals. We made paper mache masks of jaguars and ocelots, paper bag monkeys, link snakes, tissue paper toucans and shredded paper sloths. When you entered the rainforest you were magically transported to the Amazon.

Watch your step…there are snakes at your feet! You hear the Howler Monkeys hooting in the trees. The canopy above your head blocks the sun so you are walking into a dense, dark place. You  look around for animals peeking out of the understory. As you duck under twisted vines and umbrella leaves brush against your ankles there is light. In the small clearing ahead you hear the sounds of rushing water. And then you see it…a beautiful waterfall! You have to walk back through the rainforest to leave this enchanted place. We hope you enjoyed your journey through this diverse and fascinating world called the Amazon Rainforest!

First grade’s theme for the International Festival was “Food From Around the World.” Each of them chose a country to represent. They represented Japan, India, France, Italy, and Mexico. They each created a lesson for their students to help them gain a deeper understanding about the food from their chosen country.

Mrs. Clarke's counrty was Japan. Students in her class learned all about the types of foods that Japanese people eat. They looked at pictures of Bento Boxes, then created their own Bento Boxes to display in the hallway during the International Festival. They learned that the Japanese people eat lots of rice and they eat with chopsticks. One afternoon Mrs. Clarke surprised her students with sticky rice and chopsticks. Her class practiced eating the sticky rice with the chopsticks. It was a fun, yummy, hands-on learning experience.

In Ms. Alden's class, during the Global Festival, we learned about the country of Mexico. Our area of learning centered around the culture and food of the country. We learned to speak some Spanish with the use of many websites. We created a farm landscape display to show how the food from Mexico is grown and what they can make from their crops. We had a great time learning, singing and listening to the Spanish language as well.

Mrs. Nutter's first grade class learned about food in India. They learned that food is served on a metal plate that is covered with a banana leaf. They also learned about foods that are grown in India. Rice, lentils, coconuts, tomatoes, and mangos are just a few examples. The students also learned some interesting facts such as. . .

  • India's national fruit is the mango.
  • Food is eaten with the right hand.
  • Tea is a popular drink in India.
  • Roti is a type of Indian flatbread.

Mrs. Webb’s EC class focused on “Dress Around the World”.  Students were able to get up close and personal with clothing items from around the world.  The children were able to read facts about clothing from people who live in different parts of the world.  Pictures of people from different cultures were shown wearing the clothing.

Third grade’s theme for the International Festival was International Sports.  Each 3rd grade teacher each concentrated on a country and what sports originated from that country. Students were able to research the different sports from around the world.  We were even able to research world sporting events like the Olympics, Paralympics, Kings Cup, World Cup, Iron Man, and the Tennis Grand Slam-  just to name a few.  Nathan D. said that he really enjoyed spending time with his classmates to be able to research the sports and learn more about them.  

Students were able to bring in their sporting items to display in the hallways.  One of the coolest things displayed was an actual Olympic Torch that was used in Atlanta’s Olympic Games in 1996. The students really enjoyed learning about the different types of sports that are enjoyed by people around the world.

Mrs. Nance really liked seeing how creative her students could be with representing their sports. One of the groups brought in an actual bike to display their information about the Tour de France. She said, “I think that was such a creative idea to come up with.  It gave the students the opportunity to think outside of the box!”

Lorelai D. said, “I enjoyed the Taekwondo performance the most because it was really neat to see and I love to see the different sports. “  

Iniya shared, ”I really enjoyed the 4th grade hallway because if art wasn’t in our world there would only be plants, animals, and other stuff that doesn’t really need art to grow.  Art in our lives makes it more enjoyable.”

The 4th Grade prepared for the International Festival by studying various regions of the world and their contribution to the Art World.  Mrs. Racek's class learned about artists from Europe and created pointillism projects.  Mr. Becht's class learned about African art and displayed various safari shadow scenes.  Mrs. Rogers' class studied Latin American art and created colorful mobiles, masks and Carnivale murals.  Mrs. Leo's class studied various Asian art styles and created origami, Chinese lanterns, nature scenes and wrote their names in artistic Chinese characters.  Mrs. Sarcona's class learned about pop art and Americana and created egg carton Cubism projects and self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.  We had so much fun exploring the artistic contributions of artists from around the world!

"This is one of my favorite events of the year!" exclaimed Alex B., a fourth grade student.  What a wonderful way to explore the world right here at Antioch Elementary!

Written by: Kimberly Kovach - Media Specialist (with contributions from Ms. Mode, Ms. Clarke, Ms. Nutter, Ms. Alden, Ms. Webb, Ms. Nance and Ms. Leo)
Posted: Apr 30, 2015 by Kimberly Kovach

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