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Parkwood Gets Its "Just Desserts"

Parkwood Senior Megan Stephens displays her team's entry for the Anything Dessert Contest. The cookies won first prize.

Saturday, May 2nd was a perfect day for the weather and a perfect day for Parkwood High School’s Foods II Honor students. They came away with three awards in the “Anything Dessert Contest” in downtown Monroe. Parkwood senior and Chief Cook Megan Stephens and her team won first place for the “Cookies and Bars” category with the recipe “Tutti Frutti Cookies. Stephens team of students included Alexis Ellenburg, Hailey Mauldin and Nicole Yow. They chose the recipe and then baked and decorated the cookies.

Parkwood took third place in the “Cupcakes” category with the recipe “Little Cup of O” (Oreo cheesecake cupcakes) led by Chief Cook, Parkwood senior Jimmy Little Bear Greene. Like Stephens, Jimmy also led a team of Foods 2 Honors students , Max Robinson, Ciara Bond, Morgan O., and Abby Nevills-Poole, by choosing this recipe and then empowering his team to assist him in preparing almost 200 samples.

Parkwood High School also won Third Place over all for all the high schools represented. Five high schools participated and there were 24 different recipes in the contest. The team had a wonderful time together at the event. Nikea Davis, one of Parkwood’s Foods I students, also attended the Anything Dessert Contest and helped serve. She and her Foods I classmates, Courtney Jordan, Terrell Williams, Sofia E., and Allysa Hucks, worked very hard on the Friday prior to the event with the daunting task of making almost 400 desserts!

Along with award plaques, Parkwood High School will also receive $100 prize money for the First Place award. Instructor for the Foods classes Carolyn Hoobler said, “The ‘icing on the cake’ for today’s events was the professional and courteous manner with which each of these students conducted themselves as they prepared, served the public and cleaned up at the end of the event. We can truly be proud of our Parkwood Students!”

Written by: Lisa Moniz and Carolyn Hoobler, CTE Teacher
Posted: May 04, 2015 by Lisa Moniz

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