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International Visitors to 4th Grade

Evan Greene, Javonte Jordan, and Tyler Pittman give David and Bertha Marsh a tour of Union Elementary School.
On the last day of school before Spring Break, Union Elementary hosted 2 international visitors; Miss Marsh's parents, David and Bertha Marsh.
They had traveled to Washington DC earlier that week and spent some days exploring the nation's capital before they drove through Virginia to meet the amazing pupils of Union Elementary.  They joined 4th Grade for lunch and recess and were then taken on a tour of the school by three very excited and willing volunteers:  Evan Greene, Javonte Jordan and Tyler Pittman.
At the end of the school day, the children in Miss Marsh's class were given a chocolate Easter egg, made by Cadbury's, which had carefully been transited in hand luggage over 4,000 miles!  The children were able to taste the chocolate that Miss Marsh often talks about and, upon return from Spring Break, many of them agreed that it was very tasty.

Written by: Hannah Marsh, 4th Grade VIF Teacher
Posted: May 05, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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