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A Peek Into a Chinese Immersion Classroom

Through almost a year’s Chinese learning, the children in Kindergarten experienced Chinese Culture from various aspects.

For Chinese Traditional custom, they made a video about Chinese New Year telling people about the legend of Nian monster, and they also acted out how Chinese People celebrate the big festival. They even showed others how to make dumplings.

To make others know more about China, they made a dragon out of boxes and had a dragon dance tour in other grades and classes.

About Chinese music and dance, they experienced the difference by learning the fan dance and Chinese Kongfu. The children also had a wonderful time performing them to their parents.

Chinese building is always worth studying. Through pictures and videos, the children learned about the features, history and use of the Great Wall. They even made a Great Wall from the cereal boxes which parents donated.

Besides, they find the panda so adorable. And they made panda crafts and put them in a warm Chinese home on the wall out of the classroom.

What’s also worth mentioning is that every student is eager to be an Chinese ambassador. Each day, there is one little star who can bring an Chinese-related item for show and tell. They cherished their special day and tried their best to tell people what they know about China.


Written by: Yi Liang and Lingling Gan, Chinese Immersion Kindergarten Teachers
Posted: May 05, 2015 by Marni Menkin

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