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Students Make Jump Ropes for Children in Nicaragua

Students in Annette Harris’ Earth & Environmental Science classes used recycled grocery bags to handcraft jump ropes that will be sent to Nicaragua this summer.  During International Week, teachers presented opportunities to expose students to cultures from around the world. Engaging in learning activities that allow students to see a need and then take action increases their global awareness. 

As seen in the accompanying photos, students cut recycled grocery bags and then followed instructions on how to weave the strips into a jump rope.  In addition to the project being completed in Harris’ classes, Haley Manus, Caitlyn Conn, Amy Emrich, Jodi Helms, and Beth Knight attended the annual International Festival at Unionville Elementary on April 30 where they showed children and parents how to make the jump ropes.  Participants were given instructions on how to complete their jump ropes and were encouraged to bring completed jump ropes back to Piedmont where they will be sent to Nicaragua.  According to Harris, “You can feed a child a fish and they will not be hungry for a day; you can teach a child to fish and they will always know how to find food and never be hungry again.” 

The country of Nicaragua is plagued with great poverty and the children love to play outside but often lack any outdoor toys and sports equipment.   Nicaragua’s poverty is the result of years of civil war and great destruction caused by hurricanes.  These jump ropes will accompany Beth Knight on her mission trip to Nicaragua this summer with First Baptist Church in Matthews.  When asked how the jump ropes will be used, she stated that her mission trip will focus on Vacation Bible Schools and a sports outreach in an impoverished area outside of the city of Managua.  “I am really excited to share the jump ropes with the Nicaraguan children so they can actually have an outside toy that is their own. “  Having never been to Nicaragua, Knight is looking forward to stepping out of her comfort zone and interacting with children whose lives are vastly different from hers. 

Written by: Donna Helms - Web Editor
Posted: May 07, 2015 by Donna Helms

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