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Spanish students learn art through language

Michael Cullen presenting Pablo Picasso.

Mrs. Martinez's Honors Spanish III Class recently collaborated to develop presentations that focused on using the linguistic knowledge of the Spanish language to focus on the cultural influences of various Hispanic artists from around the world. Students worked in learning teams to research influential artists and their respective art pieces and generate a lesson to be taught to and meaningfully critiqued by peers.

In addition to the written feedback, students took the opportunity to use acquired Spanish language skills to ask and answer relevant questions throughout the student taught lessons.

Many questions were asked of student presenters and the dialogue that followed allowed for the audience and presenters to make links to the artist’s vision and the conditions of the world and society at the time of publication and current day relevance.

Colton Butcher and his learning team presented on the life and works of artist Diego Rivera and the lasting relevance of the art that he created. In addition to improving on public speaking and the Spanish language Colton was quoted saying, “This project has greatly expanded my knowledge of the Spanish art style and the beauty in which the language is able to describe the art and the artist.” 

Written by: Mr. Nick Paquette, Assistant Prinicpal
Posted: May 11, 2015 by Anna Waldrup

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