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Kindergarten Skypes to Egypt!

Skyping with Egypt

This year our kindergarten classes at Porter Ridge have had a special opportunity to partner with a classroom across the world! We have developed a friendship with a Kindergarten class in Cairo, Egypt. Our classroom has communicated weekly with the Egyptian class through Skype sessions and emails. This opportunity has taken the students from our small classroom and gave them an inside look at other children around the world.

During our conversations with Egypt we have talked about similarities and differences between our classrooms, schools, and communities. The students generated questions for the other classroom to answer weekly based on our curriculum and their interests. Some of the questions asked have been about the holidays other celebrate, places in others community, and what their school day looks like. We have discovered that kids around the world have a lot in common but our cultures can be very different.  

Written by: Jessica Abee - Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: May 12, 2015 by Carol Blackwelder

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