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6th Annual "Wake Up to Ag Day" Held

Left to right, sophomores Nicole Manalis, Rachel Gionis, and Rachael Holzman present a booth on veterinary science during the CHS 6th annual Wake Up to Ag Day.

“Wake Up to Ag Day” is a county-wide annual event.  The Union County Cooperative Extension has promoted this program for over 30 years.  CHS has held successful “Wake Up to Ag Days” all six years we have been in operation!  The event is planned and presented by the FFA Club along with adviser Ben Shumate. Third graders from Sandy Ridge, Marvin, New Town, and Kensington Elementary schools came to experience the various stations and exhibits at our April 21, 2015 event.

Students visited various stations hosted by CHS students to learn about different aspect of agriculture. Some stations involved animals such as horses and chickens, while others were designed to teach about farm equipment or how to throw a lasso. A trip to the greenhouse is always on the agenda where the students planted marigold seeds they could take home. There were also a few new experiences planned for students this year.

“This year we added several new things to our “Wake Up to Ag Day.”  We had a veterinary science station where several aspiring veterinarians taught the 3rd graders about the veterinarian occupation.  The students had the opportunity to use a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat of a Labrador retriever.  We also added a lawn care station, a forestry station, and various livestock species such as an alpaca, piglets, and goats,” Shumate said.

More than 50 CHS students were involved in planning and presenting Wake Up to Ag Day.

“Most students were already familiar with the topics they presented to the 3rd graders.  Whether they learned the material in their agriculture classes, through work, or at home, they used their knowledge to prepare an 8 minute presentation for the elementary visitors.  Some groups created posters to help the understanding of their subject.  I thought Ag Day went great! Students prepared extremely hard and were passionate about the subjects they were teaching the third graders. We added some new stations this year and did a few things differently to allow the elementary students to have more time at Ag Day,” said Shumate.

For more information on the FFA, visit https://www.ffa.org/home .

Written by: Paula White - Media Specialist
Posted: May 12, 2015 by Paula White

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