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Fourth Graders Visit Old Salem

Fourth graders at Waxhaw got a glimpse into the past when they visited Old Salem.
On March 13, the fourth graders of Waxhaw traveled to Old Salem which is in Winston Salem, NC. The fourth graders had learned about how the early colonists come to North Carolina to start a new life. Specifically the Moravians came for religious freedom and started one of the first “towns” in North Carolina. The students learned how these early colonists learned different trades. They were able to see how wool became yarn and then made into clothing. The students experienced this first hand. They all participated in making a meal and then shared the meal at a colonist’s table. The fourth graders were able to walk around this historic town and visit with different tradesmen. They learned how the shoe maker made shoes, the baker made baked goods, and the gunsmith made different guns for hunting. They also learned how the “brothers and sisters” went from their parent’s home to their own home. This was an excellent trip that showed the students hands on what life was like during the early days of North Carolina. The concepts that were learned in class were brought to life through these hands on experience.

Written by: Kristen Avant, Fourth Grade Teacher
Posted: May 13, 2015 by Dana Sullivan

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