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First grade learns about Uganda, Africa

Recently Mrs. Stephen’s husband came and presented a lesson all about Uganda where he has traveled several times.  He helped build houses, drill a well and educate the people.  He shared some items from his travels like a stool to set on.  There is no electricity so he showed us a lantern that gives light when you have to go out at night or see something.

Mrs. Stephen's class shares their learning.....

Estrella and Alex learned they don’t go to school.  They have to work and work.

Petey and Myers learned that the people wait for rain so they don’t have to drink dirty water. 

Bryan and Tatyana learned they don’t have a lot of water and don’t have bathrooms so they make holes to use the bathroom.

Raphaela and Jonas learned they have to go a long way to get water from a big  hole.

Sheyanne and Ryan learned Uganda has dirty water.  They have to walk a long way to get better.

Elijah and Bree learned that the mom does all the work.   The house is made out of mud and wood.  In Uganda you have to work to get water and it takes a long time to get up and down.

Stephanie and Monica learned if the animals get sick they don’t have anything to eat or drink.  The vet has to fix them.

Emily and Eli learned people can’t flush the toilets. 

Kayla and Esteban learned when it rains the water comes in the food.  The people drink dirty water. 

Daniel and Rebecca learned they don’t have bathrooms they have to use holes in the ground.


Mr. Stephens said they slept in a tent while there.  He takes everything he needs in a big back pack.   Kids work and do not go to school.  They live in round  grass huts and their showers are in grass huts.  The wives build houses and cook while the men hunt and gather food.  There are no cars, shops or stores there. They make weapons such as spears, craved out of rocks and poison tips from insects and frogs on the arrow tips.  There are lions, hyenas, spiders and snakes.   They ate a lot of beans and potatoes while helping out there.    The first grade students learned how different their life is from children in Uganda. 

Written by: Brenda Todd - Global Studies/21st Century Skills/Technology Teacher
Posted: May 19, 2015 by Brenda Todd

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