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Fun on the Farm

Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Helms' class went to Belle Terra Farm on Friday, May 1. Farmer John sells eggs at the farm store to people who want open range chicken eggs. He also sells meat to people who want their food grown locally and with plenty of space to roam.

His wife, Ms. Betty works at the store and delivers eggs and meat to other businesses. His children and grandchildren work on the farm as well, making this a true family farm.


Farmer John gave us a barn tour. We saw chickens eating feed and laying eggs in nests. We also saw black pigs and pink pigs. They made lots of noise and the young pigs ran around chasing each other and playing. Sometimes, Farmer John has up to 50 baby pigs at one time. We also got to see a goat named Penny. She was very friendly and let us pet her.


Then it was time for our favorite part- the hayride! We sat on bales of hay in a trailer and Farmer John pulled us with a big red tractor.  We went through a creek and over hills to see a lot of cows and calves. Some of the cows followed us because they thought we had feed for them.

After that, we went to the pond for a picnic lunch. When we finished eating, we got to take turns fishing with an adult. Almost everyone caught a fish! Those who weren’t fishing, played in the grass and enjoyed the fresh farm air.

We can’t wait to go to Belle Terra Farms again next year. Thanks Farmer John!

Written by: Natalie Griffin, EC Teacher
Posted: May 21, 2015 by Carrie Johnson

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