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Union County Board of Education to withdraw funding dispute lawsuit

The Union County Board of Education voted to withdraw its funding dispute lawsuit against the Union County Board of County Commissioners. The 9-0 vote was held during a closed session meeting on May 22. 

In 2013, the Board of Education filed a complaint against the county seeking additional funding for capital outlay and operational needs.

“We’ve taken this step in hopes that we will strengthen our relationship with the county and work together to address the needs of our students,” said John Collins, Board Chair. “We still have unmet needs in our schools that require funding and we will continue to advocate for teacher raises, preventative maintenance and other initiatives to support UCPS students and staff.” 

"I would like the public to know that the Board of Education has not directed legal counsel to gear up for any litigation regarding the 2015-16 budget, nor has the BOE had any discussions regarding redistricting in the foreseeable future" Collins said.

To help address the capital needs in Union County Public Schools, a joint working group was formed  in July 2014 in response to the General Assembly of North Carolina's passing of House Bill 292, which then became Session Law 2014-8, outlining required funding for UCPS current expense and capital funding. The group met three times this year to discuss and develop a multi-year plan for capital needs.

“Because of the working group, I believe commissioners and community members have a better understanding of how school districts are funded and what we need to operate the sixth-largest school district in North Carolina,” Collins said.

In 2013, a jury awarded UCPS $91 million in the UCBOE v. UCBOCC case. 


Written by: Tahira Stalberte, UCPS Chief Communications Officer
Posted: May 22, 2015 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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