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Student projects incorporate globalization and technology

Mr. Shuler’s World History classes completed a European city project that incorporated globalization and technology. 

Each student was assigned a famous European city to research and provide information about culture, customs, and interesting facts unique to that particular city. 

Mrs. Waldrup, the Media Coordinator, worked with the students on how to use Britannica Online, ABC-Clio and CultureGrams to gather relative information, pictures, and videos for their project.  Students also learned how to cite their sources using MLA format.

After conducting the research, students organized their research information, pictures, and videos in a PowerPoint presentation that they later shared with their classmates. 

Through this project students learned about various European cities, how to conduct research through online databases, and how to take the research and present it in a PowerPoint presentation.

Written by: Anna Waldrup - Media Coordinator
Posted: May 26, 2015 by Anna Waldrup

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