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Porter Ridge Middle Recycling Project

Chibchas club members sorting recyclables.

This year in connection with Earth Day, the Chibchas club has begun a school-wide recycling campaign.  Mrs. Bass, the Spanish Club advisor, has helped students organize this campaign. Several recycling cans were given to the school to collect recyclable materials like, cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum and plastic.

Each classroom was issued a small bin to gather recyclables, and every Monday one representative from each class brings his class bin to a common area for sorting.  The Chibchas club members sort through the bins and group the recyclables for pick-up.  When the big bins are full, they are picked up and sent to a recycling center.

Recognizing that we are all responsible for the planet, we are actively working to make our home a clean and safe environment.

Written by: Christine Courtney - Business Education Teacher
Posted: May 26, 2015 by Christine Courtney

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