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Citizenship for Mrs. Edna Bass

Mrs. Edna Bass with citizenship certificate.

Very often we as Americans take for granted the rights, freedoms, and privileges afforded to us by our Constitution.  We also take for granted that there are many, many people who desire to be a part of this country. Many of these people come to America to begin the very long process of becoming United States citizens.  We have one such person here at Porter Ridge.

Mrs. Edna Bass, Spanish teacher here at Porter Ridge, has spent several years to become a United States citizen and earned her citizenship this year. She brings a diversity to the school that is appreceiated by students and staff.

Mrs. Bass tells her story: 

I came to the USA in 2003 with VIF (Visiting International Faculty) to work for up to 3 years. I started my first year in Charlotte Mecklenburg (main goal was to learn how to pronounce Mecklenburg lol) and Lincolnton County. My second year I transferred to Union County and worked for 2 years at Monroe High School. I loved it.
I went back to my country Colombia when my visa expired in July 2006. One month later, my husband went to Colombia and proposed, I said yes. He started the process to get a Fiancé Visa for me to return to the US. All the paperwork and arrangements took about one year, so I came back in August 2007. I got married the same day I arrived (we had 3 months to decide if we were getting married, but we had had a whole year to think about it). Whether to change my name or not was a difficult decision.  It was a departure from my own culture. I finally did it in 2010.
Then. the big decision: to become a citizen. The cost was a good excuse not to for a while but then I decided it was just that - an excuse. I had my paperwork prepared for more than a year, but finally last year I decided to send it in. I attended the interview on December 4, 2014. They were going to give me an appointment to come back and recite the Oath of Allegiance, but we asked if we could stay and do it that same day and they agreed. It was one of the most beautiful/exciting ceremonies I have attended. The people representing the USA in that office made us feel very welcome and special (88 countries were represented in that room, it was like such a neat experience).
I attended for the first time the memorial day service in Monroe this year and loved it. I am so thankful for being part of this great nation. I am a citizen of the USA and celebrating 4th of July won't ever be the same!

Written by: Edna Bass - Spanish Teacher and Christine Courtney - Business Education Teacher
Posted: May 26, 2015 by Christine Courtney

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