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Ag takes on a big job: schoolwide recycling

Alyssa Bistline, Alexis De Leon and Ashley Carter collect Coke recycling bottles from hallways.

The Ag Department has helped PR start a schoolwide recycling program this year. Each week Bethany Sweatt's Animal Science classes collect classroom recycling and cans and bottles from hallway Coke recycling bottles.

Sweatt commented about the connection between her class curriculum and recycling,"Students who take Animal Science II and are members of FFA have to have a Supervised Agricultural Experience project (SAE) and it is a semester long project. They can add community service and any activities with the FFA to this project. The recycling program helps teach the students about responsibility and it gives them an important role in their community. They can also use the hours towards their project."

"Recycling is a fun thing to do while saving the environment," Animal Science student Ashley Carter commented.  FFA President Katie Elliott stated, "I feel like it helps the school out a lot by reducing paper waste."

The cafeteria has also gotten involved and is now recycling all of their cardboard boxes (about 40 per day).  Next year Sweatt's class hopes to do more advertising and educational messages about why recycling is important for the environment in addition to continuing to increase the amount of items recycled at PR.

Written by: Shania De Armas, 10th grade student
Posted: May 27, 2015 by Regina Snelson

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