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Giving from the heart

          On Friday, May 15 students and staff at Weddington Middle School had a lesson in globalization along with the opportunity to assist in feeding thousands of families in Nicaragua and Union County.  Servants With a Heart, a Kids Against Hunger satellite, helps groups sponsor food-packing events to benefit hungry children and their families.  This nonprofit corporation brought in a tractor trailer truck full of soy, rice, and equipment, and throughout the day students assembled packages of meals that contain digestible protein, carbohydrates, and the vitamins needed by malnourished bodies.  The packaging used by the students is moisture-proof, odor-proof and provides a shelf life of at least three years.

            While half of the students were assembling the meals, the other half were working on decorating the boxes used to package them.  These boxes not only provide a colorful delivery, but they will also be used for housing for the families in Nicaragua during the dry season. Students were shown videos and pictures of families in Nicaragua, and they were able to get a glimpse into their daily lives as well as the joy they experience upon receiving the prepackaged meals.  This definitely increased the students’ global awareness with many commenting on how different life is for the children shown.

            Jeff and Suzanne Yoh, Co-Executive Directors of Servants With a Heart, founded the corporation in 2011 with the help of their three children.  They now travel regularly around the world, delivering the meals made by various schools and churches in our surrounding areas.

            The students were moved by the images they saw and were eager to make a difference.  The enthusiasm towards the service project was contagious as groups worked together, layering the food materials, sealing all 72,792 packages and loading them into the decorated boxes; 90% will be shipped to Nicaragua and 10% will be delivered to the Union County Community Shelter.  One seventh grader remarked on what a great day it was because “[they] were able to have fun while making a difference”.

Written by: Written by: Amy Rogers - Media Specialist
Posted: May 29, 2015 by Shirlene Leaks

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