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Biology students become global citizens

Students in Ms. Dilsworth's Honors Biology class studied a unit on Ecology and the result of human global impact. The unit covered all of the kingdoms of life and how they interact in their environment. 

The students learned about animals, their role in nature, and how every animal counts. Brett Magnum said, "Ecology is my favorite unit because I learned about endangered species." If one animal becomes extinct, it can upset the entire balance in the ecosystem. 

The students learned about the Pacific garbage patch, global warming, and mercury poisoning in the water. When asked to identify a major global concern, Chase Batchelor said, "I definitely think that the white rhino being on the brink of extinction with only five left in the world is a huge issue."

The students completed the unit with a group project on the kingdoms of life. The students learned about relationships, biodiversity, and habitats.

Kingdoms like plants and protists are responsible for producing all of the oxygen in the world. Alex Pistiolis said, "If we destroy these organisms, we will start a chain reaction that will reduce the amount of oxygen for human respiration." Therefore, the students all agreed that they need to become stewards of their world and work together to preserve the resources on our planet.

Written by: Ms. Kristy Dilsworth, Biology Teacher
Posted: May 29, 2015 by Anna Waldrup

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