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Marketing management students complete a global economics project

Mrs. Kowalo’s Marketing Management class completed a global economics projects for a country of their choice.  Students had to research and analyze the standard of living, economic indicators (GDP, GNP, CPI, inflation, unemployment, etc.), economic systems, business cycle, exchange rates, and business etiquette.

When researching the economic indicators students had to show 4 data points over the last 25 years and explain the highs and lows in the data.  They compared and contrasted this information to other countries.  In addition, students had to analyze the imports and exports of their particular country and explain when they saw the same categories in both imports and categories (dual sourcing).

The most interesting information researched was business etiquette.   Students discovered how the influence of culture affects business relationships.

Written by: Ms. Kowalo, Marketing Management Teacher
Posted: May 29, 2015 by Anna Waldrup

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