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Students discuss the impact of globalization on our nation and the world

Mr. Bowman’s AP U.S. History classes looked beyond the nation’s boundaries following the AP test and took an opportunity to research and discuss the impact of globalization on the nation and the world.  The students were given the task to do research on the topic of globalization and how it has impacted our nation and our world economically, socially, and politically as well as how it has impacted the American education system. 

Students viewed a video on the making of a t-shirt in today’s world and how global the process has become in the last few decades.  The video explained how in the past the t-shirt was made with American cotton by American textile mills and printed in American companies, but today the t-shirt may travel more miles than Magellan and his crew and may involve many different people and a variety of types of shipping. 

This aspect of the video led the classes to discuss the impact economically on our nation and the world.  The production of the t-shirt beyond our borders has led to reduction of jobs in the U.S., but has opened opportunities in many other nations.  Allie Belcher commented, “Often people view globalization as bad and harming the U.S., but it has provided new opportunities for others around the world.  It is important for people to look at the big picture.”  The video highlighted how this new approach has led to lower wages in our nation and has also helped millions to reach beyond the poverty line worldwide. 

Socially and politically, the students saw both benefits and problems as our world becomes smaller in so many ways.  A variety of students saw a major benefit being the exposure to different cultures and having the ability to connect with others around the globe.  Several mentioned how today we have the advantage of experiencing events as they happen and not simply reading about them days or weeks later.  

The topic that created the most discussion was the one that impacted the students the greatest, education.  One of the greatest concerns expressed by students that standardized testing and the focus on this type of testing has reduced the creativity of the student and has limited the ability to explore a greater variety of other things in the classroom.  Also, many expressed that schools need to reach out and teach more about our nation’s relationship in the world and how other nations impact us on a daily basis. 

Mr. Bowman said, “As a long-time educator, it was inspiring to listen to these young people and know that they want to do their part to improve our world, even it is just one small step at a time.” 

Written by: Mr. Bob Bowman, AP US History Teacher
Posted: May 31, 2015 by Anna Waldrup

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