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The CTE Prize Patrol Makes Its Rounds at EUMS

Students receiving their award from the Prize Patrol

As the end of the year approaches, the hallways and classrooms are filled with the similar sounds and phrases: "Why do I need equations? Exactly where will I ever need to write a proper paragraph other than on these tests? and my favorite phrase of all, "I am tired of working". As the Core classes work to get the students prepared to excel on the End of Grade testing (EOGs); the Career and Technical Education Team at East Union Middle School takes it as a fiduciary duty to ensure that our students will have an answer to those familiar phrases.

In Careers and Technology, students watched a short video of an eight year old little girl that developed her own business at the age of seven and they were inspired.  Our Eagles were directed to put all these newly learned skills from their Core classes together and create a service business.  In groups of no more than five, our Eagles learned a hands-on approach to Business Planning, creating a Marketing Plan, Advertising, and Learning to pitch a Business for investments.  At East Union our Career and Technical Education Department apply the Upside Down Curriculum modeled after the colleges and Universities in the Area.   For example, our Eagles are teacher directed to creating the Business plan first then we return back to the text books to learn more about the principles of business making learning fun.

The Activity that is being highlighted is called the Blakeney Tank, modeled off the hit Television Show, ABC’s Shark Tank.  East Union CTE Eagles were grouped together to create a service business that is age appropriate, so each one of these small business ideas have to potential to open up on a street near you!  The Eagles were directed to do the following: choose a service, create a Business Name and Logo, create two company checks per person, write out a Business Plan and create a three package deal to entice customers to purchase their service.  Our Eagles were encouraged to create age appropriate businesses just in case this summer they needed some extra cash to help the parents with bills and household expenses.  For example, seventh grade winners Tiana Sloan, Alyssia Brewer and Dawon Huntley created a grocery shopping business.  Looking over the Service Businesses they called me to their table (Eagle Board meeting) and asked me the million dollar question, “How do old people and sick people get their groceries?”.

Bling! Bling! As the bells began to ring in my heart at that teachable moment… National T.L.C. a grocery shopping service business for the elderly and the sick and shut in began to take form. Package one includes: The elderly and the sick and shut in calls and sets up a grocery list and the students go shopping for the client.  In this package the client does not have to bother with the long aisles, crazy wait time, germs or hustle of the grocery store.  “They call, we shop, and they pick up their grocery from us” says Dawon Huntley.  Package two includes:  The elderly and the sick and shut in call and the students go to the clients home to help them develop a grocery list.  The students go shopping for the client and bring the grocery back to their home.  Package three includes: The elderly and the sick and shut in call and the students go to the clients home to help them develop a grocery list.  The students go shopping for the client, bring the grocery back to their home, and put the grocery away in the cupboards.

After the Business Ideas are developed and finalized, like all business we all need a little start up cash!  Each Eagle creates two business checks adorned with their business logo; to avoid embezzlement every business member must sign each check.  Every Eagle has one check for one thousand dollars and one check for five hundred dollars.   The groups present their business ventures to the class.  Each member of the class invests their $1,000.00 to their favorite business idea and $500.00 to their second favorite business idea.  All the Checks are tallied by our volunteer Accountant from the Math Department Mrs. Dave.

The winners are presented with a large check of the total investment from their class mates.  The check is signed by Dr. Hoover, the Grade Level Principal, Candy Sanders, our Book Keeper, and me -Mrs. Hillary Blakeney, the CTE Teacher.  During lunch the East Union Prize patrol sneaks into the cafeteria, holds up the poster of the winners, and the Eagles go wild.  As pictured, along with their “investment check” each Eagle receives a personal goody basket and balloons.  The East Union CTE Department has our very own Motto for our Eagles, “You work hard for your grade and we will work hard for you!” 

Written by: Hillary Blakeney, CTE Teacher
Posted: Jun 01, 2015 by Judy Davis

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