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STEMulating Adventure along the Nautilus E/V

Children are often asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

On May 26, Marshville Elementary 4th graders had the horizons of their futures expanded as they were allowed to participate in a videoconference with research scientists about the Nautilus E/V.

The Nautilus E/V is a 211 foot long research ship that travels the world studying ocean life. Students were able to see videos and images from earlier expeditions that the ROVs (remote operated vehicles) aboard this vessel had conducted while on this journey.

Beverly Owens from Discovery Place was chosen to participate in a Science Communication Fellowship aboard this vessel and contacted teachers in the STEM fellows program at the Discovery Place Education studio about the opportunity to have a live Q/A videoconference with them.

The students asked the research scientists aboard the Nautilus E/V about what they do each day and what interested them most about their jobs.

They asked questions about many topics including brine pools, robotics and the varying jobs of different scientists.

This video conference gave the students a first hand account of the live mission the scientists were describing.

The video conference of the Nautilus E/V opened the door to endless possibilities that the students can explore for future research projects and possible life careers.

Written by: Kerri Edwards - STEM Teacher
Posted: Jun 02, 2015 by Jarrod Stegall

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