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  Marvin Elementary Math Art Show

Marvin Elementary School held a Math and Art Show.  Fourth and fifth graders in math AIG made an art project that had to have some type of math in the project.  Students used their creativity to make up a project.  Math has a lot of art in it; you just do not realize it.  When you are drawing windows on a house, you have to look at angles.  

Some examples of some projects were scale drawings, optical illusions, and symmetry.  The regulations for the project were the project had to have math and art. There had to be a paper describing the math, you could not do something we had done in class, and you could not just use toothpicks and marshmallows.  

Students let their imaginations fly and came up with very interesting projects. The projects were displayed in an empty room. On Friday, May 1, judges from the middle school math department and Marvin Elementary School’s art teacher conferred to select the winning projects. Three projects and an honorable mention were picked in both grades and an overall first place project.  

The overall winner was Kailey Spicer.  She did string art with parabolic curves.  The winners in fourth grade were, third place , Jack McDonough who made a pendulum that painted spirals and pictures, in second place, Edoardo Marsoni who made a crocodile out of origami cubes, and in first place Olivia Romesburg who did string art. The honorable mention in fourth grade was Lily Tucker who made a sphere out of paper mache .

The winners in fifth grade were, in third place Isabella Cirincione who drew a 3D cube , in second place Molly Meyer who did a scale drawing of Minnie Mouse, in first place Lindsey Blizzard who did a 3D Sierpinski triangle, and the honorable mention was Sophia Freeman who made parabolic curves on the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was a fantastic event, and all the projects were displayed at the music and art show at Marvin Elementary.

Written by: Tatum Beard and Molly Meyer
Posted: Jun 04, 2015 by Sandra Martin

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