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Does Technology Better Our Lives?

This past week Ms. Harwood’s fourth grade class investigated the question “Does technology better my life?” Students began by reading an article about how cellular phones affect our lives. Each student was asked to find details to support their yes or no answer to the question at hand. It ended up being a 50/50 split, “yes” and “no.” After students found information to back their reasoning we had a debate. Students took turns discussing important points that were relative to the topic. Every student in the class had valid points. Cara Mills stated “if we use our cell phones and tablets all the time, we won’t have time to spend talking with our friends and family.” Joaquin Rojas stated “having technology can make our everyday lives easier. If we get lost, we can use GPS or call someone on their cell phone.” After the debate students were given a moment to decide whether their opinion had changed. At the end of our debate more than half the class decided that technology has more harmful effects than beneficial.

Written by: Meredith Harwood, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jun 04, 2015 by Jennifer Williams

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