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Kenya Comes to Kindergarten

     Mrs. Dwyer’s class recently had the privilege of welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Agumbi to their Kindergarten classroom!  The Agumbis told the students all about village life in Kenya, and brought in many Kenyan artifacts and drums.  The duo played their drums for the class and Mrs. Agumbi also came dressed in native clothing.

The Agumbi’s also read the story Mama Panya’s Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya by Mary and Rich Chamberlin.   Mama Panya’s Pancakes tells the story of a young boy on the way to market with his mother.  Along the way he invites everyone he sees to come to his home for pancakes for dinner.  Mama worries that she won’t be able to feed everyone as they barely have enough to feed their own family.  When all the guests arrive with food to share, her fears are put to rest and everyone enjoys the feast.   It is a wonderful tale of sharing and caring.

Written by: Mary Jo More - Globalization
Posted: Jun 06, 2015 by Donna Ko

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