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Ms. Miller’s Microsoft IT Academy Students Rock!

Students in Microsoft IT Academies benefit from a world-class Microsoft curriculum and software tools to tackle real-world challenges in the classroom environment. Enrollment in the course affords students the opportunity to gain industry-recognized certification in Microsoft Word,PowerPoint, Excel and Access 2013.

This semester Ms. Miller taught three sections of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2013. Ninety-three percent of her students obtained certifications in both Word and PowerPoint 2013.  Ms. Miller commented, “My students soon learned that hard work, commitment and tenacity are vital for success. One of the highlights for me is witnessing their determination as they prepared to take the exam. Once they passed, their excitement could not be contained--priceless!”

Mrs. Miller has included an expression of support for her students: “Class, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments this semester—you are the best and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching each of you! May you continue to excel in your future endeavors.” Enjoy Summer Break! ~ Ms. Miller

Written by: Melinda Miller, Career and Technical Education Teacher
Posted: Jun 08, 2015 by Judy Davis

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